What to Wear to a Farm Wedding: Tips for a Perfect Countryside Look


Coton House is, of course, a luxury wedding venue. Our beautiful Oak Barn is elegant, our converted stables are sumptuously appointed, and the pergola is carefully planted to create a beautiful focal point for your outdoor weddings. 

However, we are still a family-run working farm, which gives us a contemporary rustic atmosphere that adapts perfectly to the theme wedding you want to have – from black-tie to chilled-out and casual.

If you’ve decided on a relaxed, laid-back farm wedding, you might be wondering what the dress code should be. It’s your wedding day, so you probably want to strike a balance between casual and chic that is informal while still feeling special.

Consider the season

As with dressing for any occasion, you do need to consider the weather. Even in the height of summer, you can expect rain, as we are in England, but it is likely to be warmer. That means lighter fabrics and bright colours.

In the colder months, you will spend more time indoors, but don’t forget that you will be outside occasionally, even if it’s crossing the courtyard after the ceremony in the Old Dairy Barn. If you’ve chosen to experience outdoor food theatre with a BBQ or street food, your guests will enjoy the terrace with its patio heaters. So, think about cosy fabrics and stylish shawls, which add a layer of warmth but are easy to slip on and off.

The happy couple in farm wedding attire

It’s your wedding, so you can choose any theme or style you like. As a luxury farm venue, we combine natural and rustic with polished elegance. If you’re aiming for black tie, your couture white wedding dress will fit in perfectly. But when you’re keeping it casual, you can go for something completely different as well. We’re thinking about soft fabrics, floating organza and boho chic for a natural feel.

For grooms, we think of a more casual wedding suit in a lighter colour, with a slightly fitted cut which is both flattering and less formal. Linen makes an elegantly casual summer suit while choosing a wool blend can create a more formal look. Tweed is a lovely balance between formal black tie and countryside chic.

If you want to do something a little more fun, in keeping with your farm theme, drop the normal wedding outfits altogether and go for his and her denim, or ditch the jackets and choose braces for him, and floaty floral print fabrics for her.

Footwear for a farm wedding.

Our wedding barn is beautifully laid out with a mix of paved pathways, a decorative stone courtyard and green lawns, which are perfect for games in the summer. If you plan on giant Jenga or providing a croquet set, you might want to inform the ladies in advance. Then they can opt out of stiletto heels that will sink into the grass.

There’s no need for wellingtons – we’re not that rustic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun in your wedding style. We’ve seen some lovely white wedding boots, from lacy fronts to classic Dr Martens. And if you want to keep to a barn theme, why not have the men wear cowboy boots in your preferred colour?

It’s all about the hair

When you are aiming for rustic, a Pillbox hat or fussy fascinator is a step too formal. Look for something a little more outdoorsy, such as flower garlands or artfully messy ponytails. Baby’s breath is the perfect touch for a bride, woven through a half up-do for a natural, romantic style. A twisted braid can be chic, and there’s still plenty of room for a bit of bling on your hairpin, holding up your casual chignon. 

Wedding guest code

Unless you have a specific theme or colour, all you need to do is let your guests know that you’re planning a more casual barn style wedding. The rest is up to them. Male guests always have a slightly easier time of it, as they just need to choose a comfy suit and some smart casual boots.

If you’ve chosen not to wear white, you need to let guests know what to avoid so they don’t clash with the bride. Simple dresses in neutral colours are the safest way to feel comfortable. Tea dresses have a casual country feel to add a touch of elegance while sundresses are much more relaxed and suit the farm atmosphere.

As for children, we always feel they are better off being comfortable. The aim here is for something that’s cute, slightly dressy and, best of all, great for playing in.

Come and see for yourself

 If you haven’t yet chosen your wedding dress, come and visit us first. It’s the best way to get a feel for the relaxed, private atmosphere and to decide how much of your wedding will be held outside. We just love to discuss your ideas and see how to make your dream day a reality. Book your visit by calling us on 01543 432429 or emailing us at events@cotonhousefarm.com.

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