Inviting Colleagues to Your Wedding: A Guide to Workplace Etiquette

Inviting Colleagues to Your Wedding

If there’s any subject destined to cause more stress at your wedding than any other, it’s planning your guest list. You’ve decided between distant cousins and close friends and spared a seat for the Plus Ones of your main bridal parties. There’s just one more group to consider. Do you need to invite your work […]

Navigating the Plus-One Dilemma: Who Should You Invite to Your Wedding?

Wedding guests

Your wedding guest list is already going to be dictated by budget, venue size and the family you are obligated to invite. Your parents may want some spaces for their must-have guests, usually people you haven’t seen since you were a child. But now you have to decide which of your guests can bring a […]

Asking for Money Instead of Gifts: Tactful Tips for Your Wedding

Have you heard stories about weddings where a couple received three toasters or a ‘unique and unusual’ ornament that must forever be displayed in your home? Would you prefer cash as a wedding gift, so that you can buy exactly what you need? In the days when couples were moving from the parental home to […]

Digital Invites vs. Traditional: Is an Email Enough?

Digital vs Traditional Wedding Invites

The important point to remember about your wedding is that it is a special occasion. A one off. It’s your magical day, and you’ve spent hours planning for it. Even if you want a casual, informal event – it’s still an Event, with a capital E. So, should you be using email for your invitations? […]

Wedding Gift Etiquette: What to do if ‘No Gifts’ are requested.

Wedding Gifts

You’ve received an invitation to the wedding – but there’s a sticky point causing you some concern. The invitation says ‘no gifts’, but we all know that etiquette dictates you send a toaster or a set of silver cake forks. So, what do you do? Gift etiquette for wedding guests The tradition of gifting takes […]

What to Wear to a Farm Wedding: Tips for a Perfect Countryside Look

Elegant Casual Summer Suit

Coton House is, of course, a luxury wedding venue. Our beautiful Oak Barn is elegant, our converted stables are sumptuously appointed, and the pergola is carefully planted to create a beautiful focal point for your outdoor weddings.  However, we are still a family-run working farm, which gives us a contemporary rustic atmosphere that adapts perfectly […]

How to keep children entertained at your wedding

You might be planning to have your niece as an adorable flower girl, or your best friend’s son makes a wonderful page boy. Children at your wedding, whether part of the wedding party or as guests, can be funny and entertaining and add to the family atmosphere. But they are also unpredictable and more likely […]

A modern approach to wedding tradition at Coton House Farm

LGBTQ+ Wedding

We love the idea of taking something old and making something new and magical from it. Just take a look at our beautiful Old Dairy Barn – over 300 years old and reinvented into a charming wedding ceremony room. It’s a gentle mix of original features and modern aesthetics that makes the best of every […]

Different wedding traditions for your ceremony at Coton House Farm

The beautiful Staffordshire fields as a backdrop is the perfect wedding photography at Coton House Farm

A British wedding is full of traditions, from white dresses to throwing bouquets. That doesn’t mean you have to follow them all, of course. Picking the ones that you love, incorporating your own twist or bringing in some flair from other cultures can all create your own, very unique wedding. We’re big fans of personalising […]

Who toasts absent friends at a wedding?

Toasting glasses at a wedding bright summers day in a oak wedding barn

Weddings seem to be full of traditions and rules of etiquette. You can’t see the bride before the wedding. Hang on, no. That’s just the groom. Save the top tier of the cake for a baptism. Guests must not wear white dresses without permission, and if one does, the maid of honour is obligated to […]

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