Find out how much does a wedding planner cost?


If you consider that planning wedding planning could take up considerable amounts of your free time and energy, then bringing in a wedding planner might be the ideal solution. But just how much does a planner actually cost?

The Role of a Wedding Planner: Beyond the Silver Screen

If you’ve only ever seen wedding planners used in the movies, you’re probably picturing them running around on your wedding day with headsets on, whisper shouting instructions to caterers and planners coordinating the time of the bride’s big entrance. However, this isn’t a movie – unless that’s the theme you’ve chosen for your full wedding planning– so perhaps we first need to understand just what a wedding planner in the UK does and how much does that service typically charge.

What does a wedding planner do?

What does a wedding planner do? Well, they can do everything that you would do yourself, and perhaps a little more.

A wedding planner can help with every aspect of your wedding. They’ll help you locate the ideal venue and sort your dates. They can coordinate catering, entertainment, DJ, florists, photographers, make up, hairdressers and wedding cars.  Your planner will manage your guest list, organise the stationery and send out the invitations, chase late replies, answer queries and find Great Aunt Alice a hotel room with accessible shower, all within a cost that suits you.

Your planner will meet you months before the wedding and spend time getting to know you and your partner, your ideas and must-have wedding plans. They’ll be able to suggest themes, make sure you understand the etiquette, liaise with every supplier and manage the calendar and budget for you.

Organising a wedding can be a full-time job in itself, and if you’re already time-poor or don’t know where to start, your planner can take on every task. However, many wedding planners offer a partial service as well, tailoring the tasks they take on around the ones you have already started or want to choose yourself. This means you can be as involved in your wedding planning as much as you want to.

What does a wedding coordinator do?

When you’re looking at reviews to find your ideal planner, you’ll come across a number of wedding coordinators as well. Confused? Well, there is a difference between planners and coordinators, although they do some similar things.

Your planner brings with them a lot of experience in organising events, and a little black book of connections. They know everyone in the industry – locally at least – and can arrange your event in far less time that it would take you. By the day of your wedding, they’ve done most, if not all, of the planning, and they just need to make sure the final moment goes off without a hitch, all for a certain fee.

On the other hand, a wedding coordinator just helps on the wedding day itself. They make sure everyone is in the right place, deal with any queries that may come up and allows you to focus on enjoying your day. That means you’ll only work with them for a short time, and this can influence the cost.

So, how much does a wedding planner cost?

If you choose to use a wedding planner for the whole event, then you’ll need to put aside between 10-15% of your budget as their fee. Before you gasp at the cost, consider just how much a wedding planner might save you.

Firstly, consider the value of your time. If you calculate how long wedding planning would take you to find each supplier, check their references, contact them to discuss prices and availability and manage invoices, discuss the options they offer, arrange deliveries and so on, well, you’ve already spent hours that might have been used elsewhere.

Ensuring Your Big Day Gets Hitched Without a Hitch: The Fee and Value of Wedding Coordination

Then, because a planner will need to know your budget, they will also be able to identify suppliers that fit within your price range. Otherwise, it becomes very easy to allow just a little more here and there to get the supplier you’ve fallen in love with – and before you know it you’ve blown the bank. Finally, the planner will take on all the stress of coordinating your day and handling the questions and problems that come up, leaving you free to enjoy the excitement without the anxiety. We’ve worked with a number of wedding planners at Coton House Farm, and we know just how personal a service they offer. So, when you’re planning your wedding, consider getting a little expert help to make every dream a reality.

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