How do you fold a pocket square for a wedding?


If there was ever a day for looking dapper, it’s your wedding day. You’ve picked your suit, polished your shoes, and now it’s time to add the finishing touches.

For the groom and any other member of the wedding party wearing suits, the pocket square is the classic way to add a little panache, as you look your very best for your big day. 

However, even the smallest details need some forethought, and the pocket square is no exception. So, here’s a few details to consider. 

Choosing the perfect pocket square

Boutonniere – The first question for the groom is, will you be wearing a boutonniere? A boutonniere – also called the buttonhole, is often a flower to match the bridal bouquet and is worn on the lapel. Your boutonniere will add colour and be the focus of your suit, so your pocket square should be simple – adding a touch of elegance without distracting from the buttonhole. 

Colour – Choosing the colour of your pocket square is usually fairly simple, as you will most likely want to match the wedding scheme. Add this to a matching tie, and you’ve picked a nice safe option. It makes it straightforward for the whole wedding party as well. 

But, if you’re a groom who wants to take it up a notch, you can always choose to skip the boutonniere and use your pocket square as your focus instead. Choose a two tone or patterned material that will pop out a little and go for an artistic fold. 

Material – The material of your pocket square also adds to your whole appearance. Silk is classic and can carry off a lovely pattern. A wool blend can add texture and add some thickness to help your fold stand out. Linen, on the other hand, can appear a little more casual. It really depends on the appearance you want to project. 

One thing to note – your pocket square is not a handkerchief. While one adds colour to your outfit, the other is far more practical, and ideal for handing the mother of the bride to wipe away her tears. So, your pocket square really needs to be lightweight and decorative, while your handkerchief is more likely to be a study piece of cotton, ready for duty. 

How to fold your pocket square

There are a variety of folds to choose, from the classic square fold to an artistic flower. We’ve picked two to help you choose. 

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The Classic Fold

Step 1 - Lie your pocket square on a flat surface
  1. Lie your pocket square on a flat surface
The classic fold - Step 2

2. Fold the fabric in half from left to right.

The classic fold - Step 3

3. Fold again from bottom upwards to the approximate depth of your pocket, which should leave about 1/4 inch of material spare. This is the part that remains visible above your pocket line.

The classic fold - Step 4

4. Tuck this into your breast pocket, keeping the shape square.

The four peak pocket square

The Four Peak Pocket Square

This more adventurous fold creates an effective design that would work well with your patterned fabrics. 

The four peak pocket square - Step 1
  1. Lay your pocket square on a flat surface, with the corners pointing top and bottom.
The four peak pocket square - Step 2

2. Fold the bottom half up to the top, but slightly off-centre so that the bottom corner is now slightly to the left of the top corner. This creates two ‘peaks’.

The four peak pocket square - Step 3

3. Fold the left corner over towards the right, so that it creates a third ‘peak’.

The four peak pocket square - Step 4

4. Repeat this from the right, bringing the right corner over to far left, creating a 4th ‘peak’.

The four peak pocket square - Step 5

5. Tuck this into your breast pocket, gently tugging the peaks into shape. 

If you’re looking for more ideas, there are plenty of videos online. But if you’re not sure about the best material or colour for your pocket square, talk to the clothing shop who provides your suit. A quality menswear store will be experts in helping you to get the perfect signatory look. If you’re not sure where to look locally, give us a call.

At Coton House Farm we have recommended suppliers for every aspect of your wedding, including menswear shops in the nearby towns of Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield or the city of Lichfield.

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